Major transformation for your life and business can occur in just ONE DAY if you allow it.

You know you have a solid business idea.

You know you've got something special that can change everything for you financially.

But, for some reason, you're stuck.

The sales aren't coming in.

You're working 80 hours weeks to keep up with all the work.

You're making money, but you're either exhausted or something is missing.

You have a decent client roster, but half of them are toxic.

And what started as a dream to be your own boss has turned into a nightmare.

If this sounds like you, I want you to know you're not alone.

In fact, you sound like all the clients who've done a private VIP Day with me.

And if they were able to overcome it, then you can too.

Clients who've done a VIP DAY have been able to:

  •  Tighten up their sales process in an hour

  • Improve their offerings for easier sales

  • Create a launch strategy in 60 minutes

  • Raise their rates and gain confident to ask for more money

  • Let go of past financial traumas from their lives so they can feel free

  •  Go from closing zero client sales to closing eight in a matter of weeks.

  • Bust through MAJOR money blocks that were keeping them chained to toxic clients and chained to unfulfilling work.

What we cover in a VIP DAY

VIP Days can be done in person at Amanda's Miami office or online.

Money Mindset

Money mindset is like peeling the layers of an onion. During the first hour we get clear on any money traumas that may be blocking you from financial abundance.

Optimize Your Business

Sometimes the solution lies in quick changes we can make to your current business model for better results.


The final stage of a VIP Day is a deep dive into your business strategy and creating new goals to reach.

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What will you get as a part of your VIP DAY with Amanda?

6 hours of private coaching with Amanda 

Get customized attention and solutions during a day long intensive.

Recordings and notes

At the end of the session you'll receive video and audio recordings you can refer back to.


New business levels require new healing.

Newfound inspiration

VIP DAYs often lead to reignited inspiration, new goals and a love of your business again.

About Amanda 

Featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc, USA Today and Business Insider, Amanda Abella has created an online community where millennials can learn how to make money online and actually enjoy their financial journeys. Her ever growing community is currently made up of over 30,000 individuals across social media and email subscriber channels. The world’s fascination with money – and her own need to learn about healthy financial habits – led her to start her career as a freelance writer who focused on financial topics in 2010.  

Since then her company has expanded to creating content marketing for companies like Credit Karma, Intuit, Capital One, Santander and Discover. Her company has grossed six-figures in revenue as a writer, speaker, consultant and influencer in the financial space.  

Now she's teaching business owners how they too can reach these levels of success in their businesses.

Aja McClanahan

After initially getting rejected, Aja got a column at Inc!

Sarah Allison

A launch strategy in 60 minutes!

Jessica Moorhous 

More confidence with sales!

Experience what transformation feels like.