Money doesn't need to be difficult.

Hi. My name is Amanda Abella. I'm an Amazon bestselling author of Make Money Your Honey, an influencer who has worked with companies like Capital One and Intuit, and a business coach who has transformed her money story and the money stories of her clients.

Today, I stand in front of you as a woman who is earning 6X as much as she was at her last job.

I stand in front of you as a woman who drops a few thousand dollars at the drop of a hat to work with mentors, and then makes that money back in a matter of days.

I'm a woman who went from earning $80 to now having earned $11,000 on my highest earning day.

Most of all, I stand before you as a woman who finally understands that earning, saving, investing and spending doesn't need to be hard.

This money allows me to invest in myself and in my future. It allows me to live in a beautful condo overlooking Biscayne Bay. It allows me to travel. It allows me to do work that I absolutely love. It allows me to show up 100 percent in my relationships because I'm not worried about how to take care of myself. 

However, it did not come easy. Nor did it come overnight.

It has taken me nearly eight years to learn the secrets that help attract money to me. 

Like you, I was raised with limiting beliefs about money that I had to overcome.

I was also dealing with some family pathologies that definitely affected how I saw money.

I also graduated into the Great Recession, I've been unemployed, I lived in my parent's house for seven years and I was a chronic underearner for years.

Sound familiar?

The good news is you CAN overcome this and it starts with becoming aware of your energy and your beliefs.

Why is this most important?

Because you can be doing all the "right" things, but if you don't believe it's easy to make money then you're not going to make it.


In this training, I bring nearly a decade of experience into showing you the most common limiting beliefs that are destroying your ability to have a healthy relationship with money.

These are the things I WISH someone would have told me all those years ago when I was struggling to make ends meet.

Once I truly understood these beliefs and how they were affecting me, I was able to turn my life around in a matter of months.

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What is covered in the course

The course covers six of the most pervasive money beliefs that are keeping most people broke.

Intro to Wealth Consciousness

The first lecture covers what wealth consciousness is and how it works.

The Six Money Myths Keeping You Broke

This series of short lectures helps you identify the money myths that are keeping you broke and why they are false.

Balancing the Masculine and Feminine When Earning Money

This lesson shares the different attitudes men and women have toward money, based on my 10 years of experience working with both. This lecture also explains how to combine the masculine AND the feminine energies to make money.

Videos lessons are On Demand so you can do it whenever and wherever.

Money Meditations

Recorded money meditations I used (and still use) to go from broke to six-figures.

Make Money Your Honey Book + Workbook

All clients get access to my Amazon bestselling book and workbook!


  • Money Mindset in Business Training
  •  The Six Money Mindsets of Successful People

Coaching client Michelle Jackson explains how Amanda's Money Mindset content helped her make thousands of dollars!

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What do you get as a result of completing the program?

A clear understanding of the most common money myths keeping you broke.

You will stop believing the most COMMON myths that keep people stuck and broke.

More confidence in your ability to make and manage money.

Amanda brings nearly a decade of experience to the table to help you find a balanced relationship with money.

Money Mindset

Change your mindset for money for good so you can earn more.

About Amanda Abella

Featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc, USA Today and Business Insider, Amanda Abella has created an online community where millennials can learn how to make money online and actually enjoy their financial journeys. Her ever growing community is currently made up of over 30,000 individuals across social media and email subscriber channels. The world’s fascination with money – and her own need to learn about healthy financial habits – led her to start her career as a freelance writer who focused on financial topics in 2010. 

Since then her company has expanded to creating content marketing for companies like Credit Karma, Intuit, Capital One, Santander and Discover. Her company has grossed six-figures in revenue as a writer, speaker, consultant and influencer in the financial space.

Now she's teaching business owners how they too can reach these levels of success in their businesses.

Here are what Amanda's students and clients have to say!

Diana, Small Business Consultant

Diana got her first paying client within weeks!

LaDawn Townsend, Business Consultant

From corporate layoff to $400K in sales!

It's time to claim the financial abundance you've always dreamed of.

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